Rotonda Package


The Rotonda package features pork salami, caramelized onions, tomato & artichoke sauce, plum jams, sun-dried figs, and a dark chocolate bar. 

  • Authentic Italian sweets and savories
  • Ready to eat gift box
  • Food items complement one another perfectly
  • Instant party appetizer platter for hosting
  • Includes insert with detailed item descriptions and beautiful photos of suggested arrangements
  • Includes two easy step-by-step recipes


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8 Italian gourmet items – 4 sweets and 4 savories


  • Plum jam made with natural flavors and chunks of fruit. Perfect with breakfast toast or atop vanilla ice cream for dessert. See recipe insert for Plum Jam Crostata. (Piemonte, Northern Italy)
  • Soft gel candies in assorted citrus flavors. Top cupcakes with pieces of these delicious candies or eat as is. (Piemonte, Northern Italy)
  • Sliced sun dried figs marinated in rum and packed in chestnut honey. A natural dessert and yogurt topping but also pairs well with savories like hard cheeses and grilled meats. (Calabria, Southern Italy)
  • Dark chocolate bar with hazelnut layer. Eat at room temperature to enjoy creamy combination of dark and hazelnut chocolate. (Piemonte)


  • Salami of lean pork seasoned with Chianti wine, garlic, sea salt and spices. Remove casing, slice thinly. (Made in USA Toscana style, Central Italy)
  • Caramelized and grilled small “Borettane” onions marinated in white wine vinegar. Slice in half and pair with slice of salami, or eat as is. See recipe insert for Italian Potato Salad. (Le Marche, Central Italy)
  • Tomato-Artichoke sauce made with vine-ripened tomatoes, basil, parsley, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Perfect for bruschetta: spread on toasted bread or crackers. Or use as sauce for pasta – we recommend fusilli. (Campania, Southern Italy)
  • Wild spice mix of dried garlic, oregano, basil, hot pepper flakes, parsley and salt. Sprinkle into small bowl of lemon olive oil for a dip. Or mix with cannellini beans and olive oil for appetizer. (Calabria, Southern Italy)