Fennel and pepper salami made with pork, sea salt, pinot grigio wine, and garlic. Slice thinly and pair with creamy horseradish and/or caramelized fig preserve. (U.S. made, Tuscan recipe, Central Italy)

Traditional taralli crackers made with white wine and extra virgin olive oil. Pair with fennel-pepper salami and creamy horseradish. A Gusto di Roma favorite: snack on taralli while sipping cherry and white wine summer cocktail — see below. (Puglia, Southern Italy)

Creamy horseradish with a mild flavor tempered by sweetness, salt and wine vinegar. Pair with fennel salami and taralli to add a little kick of flavor. (Emilia-Romagna, Northern Italy)

Caramelized fig preserve that’s smooth and thick with rich, sweet flavors. A natural toast spread, but also pairs with savories like Gusto di Roma’s fennel salami, a hunk of parmesan cheese and barbecued meats, such as thick steak and pork chops. (Calabria, Southern Italy)

Cherry syrup made from natural cherry juice. Add spoonfuls (to taste) to sparkling water for sweet Italian soda — and add white wine and mint for summer cocktail. Sweeten fruit salad, top desserts like cake and ice cream, and drizzle on pancakes. (Tirolo – Alpine Region, Italy-Austria)

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