Artisan salami made of all-natural beef, sea salt, wine and spices. Slice and pair with this package’s tapenade of sweet Italian red pepper, or add small bits to add beef flavor to frittata. Refrigerate after opening. (U.S. made, in the style of Calabria, Southern Italy)

Sweet Italian pepper “composta”: Chopped sweet red peppers mixed with extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar, parsley, and fennel seeds. Pair with the pizza-flavored cheese crisps for a quick snack. Add a spoonful over a green salad. Use as a topping for sausages. (Puglia, Southern Italy)

Cheese crisps with natural pizza flavors, baked with 100% Italian aged cheese, no preservatives. Pair with this package’s sweet Italian red pepper tapenade, or snack on these alone with your favorite late-summer drink. (Emilia-Romagna, Northern Italy)

Torrone nougat made with roasted almonds and sweetened with honey. On a cutting board, cut into small bites and serve in a bowl to share. (Sardegna)

Sweet and crunchy wafers with a creamy cappuccino flavored filling. These are difficult to stop eating! (Veneto, Northern Italy)

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