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May 2019 Edition

Salami made of pork seasoned with sea salt and sherry wine in the Tuscan style. Slice and pair with this month’s onion confit to enjoy the savory pork and sweet onion. (US made, style of Toscana, Central Italy)

Onion confit that is sweet to the taste despite its onion base. The spread pairs well with more savory flavors, like those found in the salami and capers. (Emilia-Romagna, Northern Italy)

Sun dried tomatoes packed in extra virgin olive oil and wine vinegar. Soak up the oil, flavored with the tomatoes, with thick, fresh bread. Add to your favorite sandwich for the tangy sweetness of these Italian tomatoes. (Basilicata or Sicilia, Southern Italy)

Capers grown on Salina — a small island off of the larger island of Sicily — and packed in Sicilian sea salt. NOTE: Before eating, soak in water for 10 minutes and rinse to remove salt and reveal the capers’ natural flavor. Pair with sun dried tomatoes and/or onion spread for a unique mix of strong flavors. (Sicilia, Southern Italy)

Hazelnut and cocoa spread made with extra virgin olive, similar to Nutella, but of superior quality. This sweet spread can top many desserts, but it can be hard not to eat by the spoonful! (Lazio, Central Italy)

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