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September 2018 Edition

Salami of lean pork and seasoned with Chianti wine, garlic, sea salt and spices. All natural ingredients, no nitrates. Remove casing, slice thinly. (Made in USA in style of Toscana, Central Italy)

Green Castelvetrano olives cured in mild saltwater brine (with pits). Serve in bowl with some olive juice and pop them in your mouth! (Abruzzo, Central Italy)

Pesto in Sicilian style: puree of tomatoes, almonds, garlic, wine vinegar and hot pepper. Put a dollop on slices of Chianti wine salami, or spread on crackers and toasted bread for a quick bruschetta. (Sicilia, Southern Italy)

Caramelized and grilled small “Borettane” onions marinated in white wine vinegar. Slice in half and add on top of slice of salami, or add to appetizer platter whole and eat as is! (Le Marche, Central Italy

Soft almond marzipan candies infused with a touch of lemon and shaped by hand. (Toscana, Central Italy)


A different mix of Italian sweets and savories delivered