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November 2018 Edition

Sopressata piccante made of pork, sea salt and red pepper. Pork raised without antibiotics, on a vegetarian diet. Slice and pair with country mustard and taralli crackers. (U.S. made, in the style of Calabria, Southern Italy)

Country mustard made with whole mustard seeds and wine vinegar. Pair with sopressata and fennel taralli crackers. (Emilia- Romagna, Northern Italy)

Traditional taralli crackers baked with fennel seeds, white wine and extra virgin olive oil. Snack on these alone or pair with sopressata and country mustard. (Puglia, Southern Italy)

Large green Cerignola olives in tasty brine. Add a bowl of these to appetizer plate or charcuterie board. (Abruzzo, Central Italy)

Panforte dessert of almonds, candied orange peel and citron and spices, including cloves and nutmeg. (Tuscany, Central Italy)

Dark chocolate with cinnamon, in the tradition the Spanish learned from Aztec ancestors & brought to Sicily. (Sicilia)

A different mix of Italian sweets and savories delivered