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March 2019 Edition

Mixed mushrooms including porcini packed in olive oil infused with wine vinegar and spices. Their strong flavor lends to eating mushrooms alone with a slice of thick bread, or sweeten with a little balsamic glaze or/and the arrabbiata sauce. (Piemonte, Northern Italy)

Broccoli flowers, or “broccoletti,” marinated in a subtly seasoned olive oil. The balsamic glaze sets off the flavors of the broccoletti. Save the olive oil from the mushrooms and broccoletti for salad and other foods. (Puglia, Southern Italy)

Balsamic glaze from Modena that’s thick, pungent, sweet and savory. Use sparingly on the mushrooms and broccoletti. Try a touch on hard cheeses, such as parmigiano-reggiano and pecorino. (Emilia Romagna, Northern Italy)

“Arrabbiata” tomato sauce, slightly spicy, made from vine-ripe tomatoes and seasoned with hot pepper and garlic. Mix a little with the mushrooms and broccoletti to give them some tomato sweetness. (Campania, Southern Italy)

Almond cookies with a light and crunchy texture that pair perfectly with coffee and tea. (Toscana, Central Italy)

Photo credit: LifeLemonsItaly.com

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