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February 2019 Edition

Flavorful pork and wine Italian salami made with red pepper in chorizo, Spanish style. Slice and pair with either this month’s sweet red pepper spread or crackers – or both! (Made in USA)

Spread made of sweet red pepper, ricotta cheese and Sicilian pecorino cheese. Spread a little on this month’s savory Mediterranean-seasoned wafers. This is also an excellent ready-to-go sauce for a bowl penne pasta. (Sicily, Southern Italy)

Savory wafers seasoned with cheese and Mediterranean flavors. All natural ingredients, no preservatives. Pair with a slice of salami, and add a little sweet pepper spread on top. (Tuscan recipe, made in Europe)

Dark chocolate bar with sugar crystals and a touch of “peperonicino,” hot pepper — a classic Italian flavor combination. (Sicily, Southern Italy)

Assorted chocolates by chocolatier Majani, founded in 1796. (Reggio Emilia, Northern Italy)

A different mix of Italian sweets and savories delivered