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February 2018 Edition

Uncured salami made of pork, fennel, black pepper, sea salt, Chianti, and garlic (Tuscan recipe, Central Italy)

Strong Dijon made of mustard seeds and vinegar. (Emilia-Romagna, Northern Italy) Spread small amount of mustard on a lice of pork salami.

Mixed grilled vegetables: caramelized onions, mushrooms, artichokes and slices of sweet red pepper, packed in oil. (Le March, Central Italy)

Tapenade of chopped sweet red bell peppers, onion, tomato, a touch of anchovy (Sicily, Southern Italy) Spread on grilled bread for bruschetta appetizer.

Crunchy Valentine’s chocolate cookies made with cocoa, white wine and sugar (Puglia, Southern Italy)

A different mix of Italian sweets and savories delivered