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December 2018 Edition

Genoa-style salami made of pork, sea salt, pinot grigio wine and spices. Slice for centerpiece of an appetizer platter. (U.S. made, in the Genovese style; Liguria, Northern Italy)

Walnut sauce, rich and creamy. Dab a little on crackers, or heat in sauce pan for pasta sauce. Thin with olive oil. (Liguria, Northern Italy)

Borlotti beans, a staple in Italian kitchens. Tan in color and rich in flavor. Add olive oil and spices for appetizer, or add to salad. (Emilia-Romagna, Northern Italy)

Panettone with raisins. A classic Italian holiday treat, soft and delicious. Perfect with coffee and tea. (Piemonte, Northern Italy)

Torrone nougat made with roasted almonds and sweetened with honey. Cut into pieces and share, if you can. (Sardegna)

Milk chocolate with hazelnut, in beautifully wrapped wedges that compliment any holiday table. (Reggio Emilia, Northern Italy)

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Posted by Gusto di Roma Kit on Tuesday, November 13, 2018

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