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April 2019 Edition

Extra virgin olive oil produced in the antique, cold-extraction tradition. Pour into two small dishes for two dips. In one, add a sprinkle of this month’s dry arrabbiata spice mix, a dash of salt and a tad of last month’s balsamic glaze. In the other, add this month’s flavorful black olive spread. Soak soft, fresh bread in both and decide which you like better! (Sicily, Southern Italy)

Dry arrabbiata spice mix with garlic, basil, parsley and hot pepper. Blend with our olive oil, add a little salt, and sauté. Mix with hot “al dente” spaghetti for a quick meal. Or sprinkle into any red sauce to add Southern Italian flavor. (Calabria, Southern Italy)

Olive spread made from brined black olives, a touch of extra virgin olive oil and salt, thyme and rosemary. Mix with our olive oil for a quick dip. Or add Mediterranean flavor to salads by tossing a small amount with lettuce. (Liguria, Northern Italy)

Grilled green olives without pits packed in sunflower oil and white wine vinegar. Eat as is, or mix with steamed vegetables for a great side dish. (Campania, Southern Italy)

Plum jam made with only natural flavors and chunks of fruit — no artificial colors or preservatives. Perfect with breakfast toast or atop vanilla ice cream for dessert. (Piemonte, Northern Italy)

A different mix of Italian sweets and savories delivered