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Every month Gusto di Roma delivers a different curated selection of 5-6 gourmet Italian sweets and savories.

We include items with a variety of flavors that take your palate on a tour. We curate each shipment so items stand alone and also pair with others — perfect for hosting.

No cooking is typically required, but the versatile selections are likely to inspire you to be creative in the kitchen.

Items are non-perishable and mailed to customers in the United States and Puerto Rico. If ordered by the 20th of the month, the first package ships within 48 hours. Otherwise, packages ship on the 4th the next month and every following month.

The most popular purchase is for 3 packages, one delivered every month for 3 months or less frequently — you decide.

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Artisan salami made of all-natural beef, sea salt, wine and spices. Slice and pair with this package’s tapenade of sweet Italian red pepper, or add small bits to add beef flavor to frittata. Refrigerate after opening. (U.S. made, in the style of Calabria, Southern Italy)

Sweet Italian pepper “composta”: Chopped sweet red peppers mixed with extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar, parsley, and fennel seeds. Pair with the pizza-flavored cheese crisps for a quick snack. Add a spoonful over a green salad. Use as a topping for sausages. (Puglia, Southern Italy)

Cheese crisps with natural pizza flavors, baked with 100% Italian aged cheese, no preservatives. Pair with this package’s sweet Italian red pepper tapenade, or snack on these alone with your favorite late-summer drink. (Emilia-Romagna, Northern Italy)

Torrone nougat made with roasted almonds and sweetened with honey. On a cutting board, cut into small bites and serve in a bowl to share. (Sardegna)

Sweet and crunchy wafers with a creamy cappuccino flavored filling. These are difficult to stop eating! (Veneto, Northern Italy)

Medley of grilled vegetables packed in oil: caramelized onions, mushrooms, artichokes and sweet red pepper, packed in oil. Delicious alone on a big plate with warm bread, but also a nice addition to steamed veggies or fresh salad. (LeMarche, Central Italy)

Tomato-artichoke sauce made with vine-ripened tomatoes, chunks of artichoke, basil, parsley, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Ideal for bruschetta: spread on toasted bread or crackers. Or use for sauce on your favorite pasta, perhaps fusilli.(Campania, Southern Italy)

Colorful pitted olives in packed in extra virgin olive oil. Liven up any antipasto platter with these spectacular olives. Save the remaining olive oil! It is flavorful and aromatic. (Liguria, Northern Italy)

Jam of mixed forest berries: strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, sugar and lemon juice. Pair with a savory like soft cheese or liven up cold summer drinks (see recipes). (Tirolo-Alpine Region, Austria-Northern Italy)

Two classic Italian sodas: Limonata made with Sicilian lemons, and Aranciata Rossa, made with Sicilian red, or “blood” oranges. Flavors are strong and sweet, no preservatives. We like to thin the sodas by mixing with carbonated water. Add white wine and a dollop of this package’s mixed berry jam, and some cherry syrup from the July package. Any fruit combination sounds good to us! (Sicilia, Southern Italy)

Fennel and pepper salami made with pork, sea salt, pinot grigio wine, and garlic. Slice thinly and pair with creamy horseradish and/or caramelized fig preserve. (U.S. made, Tuscan recipe, Central Italy)

Traditional taralli crackers made with white wine and extra virgin olive oil. Pair with fennel-pepper salami and creamy horseradish. A Gusto di Roma favorite: snack on taralli while sipping cherry and white wine summer cocktail — see below. (Puglia, Southern Italy)

Creamy horseradish with a mild flavor tempered by sweetness, salt and wine vinegar. Pair with fennel salami and taralli to add a little kick of flavor. (Emilia-Romagna, Northern Italy)

Caramelized fig preserve that’s smooth and thick with rich, sweet flavors. A natural toast spread, but also pairs with savories like Gusto di Roma’s fennel salami, a hunk of parmesan cheese and barbecued meats, such as thick steak and pork chops. (Calabria, Southern Italy)

Cherry syrup made from natural cherry juice. Add spoonfuls (to taste) to sparkling water for sweet Italian soda — and add white wine and mint for summer cocktail. Sweeten fruit salad, top desserts like cake and ice cream, and drizzle on pancakes. (Tirolo - Alpine Region, Italy-Austria)


"I’ve been a customer for many wonderful boxes. I finish most of the contents in a matter of days, but I save a few jars in my pantry for inspiration. I like the recipes and suggestions that come with the items."

A. Watson

"I sent this to my son and he did receive the December package upon his return to CA. He has also received the January package as well. So far he says the products are great and is looking forward to more. He loves his Italian heritage and reminds him of his recent trip to Florence. Much appreciated gift - I will consider continuing this treat!"

Cristina M.

"These boxes of Italian delicacies have been a great way for us to follow up a trip to Florence — fine black olives, artichoke tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil, etc. What treats!"


"A wonderful treat and always a joy to receive this monthly package. A nice mix of sweet and savory. It's fun to find new and unexpected items to enjoy."


"I was gifted three boxes for Christmas. Each box contained a number of fabulous "foodie" items such as pesto, olives, sausage, crackers, candies, chocolates - you name it. The items were great quality and were uniquely Italian flavors representative of the many regions with their diverse cuisines. Highly recommend for fans of Italian food!"

Priscilla D.

"We know Mr. DeBellis and love his taste and sense of culture. He is an Italian choosing Italian food. You can't get any better than that! The items are delicious and interesting. He is true to his advertising in that every item requires NO preparation, and it has saved me a few times already with unannounced guests and my own snack attack."


"No complaints - great product and helpful, prompt, and friendly customer service."

Sean K.

"If you're looking for a great Italian meal every month, then you should try this box. It took us a minute to figure out what the Balsamic Vinaigrette was because the packaging is all in Italian. A great value for anyone interested in a culinary experience."


"I’m super busy, and shopping and cooking can take a lot of time. Gusto di Roma helps me eat healthy and indulge myself with authentic Italian food. I can host guests on the fly. They also send me recipes I can make with each box."


Complimentary Gifts

On 3rd Delivery

Pistachio cream

Delicious sweet pistachio cream made from pureed pistachios, milk, and sugar. This traditional Sicilian recipe makes for a unique and decadent Italian treat. Use as a spread on desserts, in recipes, or simply enjoy by the spoonful!

On 6th Delivery

Balsamic perfected

Complimentary artisanal balsamic vinegar by a producer in Modena, Italy, perfecting the recipe since the year 1605. This balsamic was the official vinegar of the King of Italy. Sprinkle on fine cheese, salad, fruit and meats.